St Michael's Churchyard

Churchyards up and down the country have long been not only havens of tranquillity, but precious areas of survival for wildflowers, and habitats for wildlife, especially for birds, butterflies and insects. For those setting off for walks on the heath and in the woods you may like to stop off and visit St Michael’s Churchyard, where we are setting aside specific areas to encourage our native flora and fauna. In conjunction with the St Albans Diocese Living Churchyard Scheme and Bedfordshire Wildlife Trust, so far over 60 species of trees, flowers and grasses have been identified. Ifanyone spots any interesting birds in the churchyard please let Janet Greenwell know. Later in the year nesting boxes will be erected to further encourage the wild bird life.

We have attached a copy of the wildlife survey carried out by Janet in 2010, although this does not include the trees.

So do take time too enjoy the peace of our churchyard on your next ramble and see what we are doing to preserve the remnants of our local natural heathland, grasses and flowers.

Below we have also attached a presentation detailing the special areas we have set aside and some of the wild flowers we have identified.

Regular working parties are held throughout the year to help maintain the churchyard. Details will be given in the Upcoming Events, so do try and join us 

The Parochial Church Council of St Michael's would like to remind those with loved ones buried in the graveyard that the Churchyard Regulations of 2004, agreed by St Albans Diocese, should be followed.

A brief summary of the regulations is attached.


download attachment Churchyard Wildlife Survey 2010 (Adobe Acrobat (PDF), 7k)

download attachment St Michael's Churchyard (Adobe Acrobat (PDF), 1787k)

download attachment Churchyard Regulations (Adobe Acrobat (PDF), 516k)