Regular services are held at St Michael’s through the year. These are detailed below. In addition a number of special services are held and details of these will be given when known. Be sure to check the calendar for dates, times and venues of all services.

Parish Communion Service

Every Sunday except the first Sunday of the month, a service of Holy Communion is held at 9.45am. Everybody is invited to the communion rail during the service either to take communion, if a communicant member of St. Michael’s or any other church, or to receive a blessing.

Sunday school is run for the younger children during the service, who re-join the congregation for a blessing. A crèche for younger children is available in the Lady Chapel. There will be a crèche helper on the rota each week to look after the children, although parents are welcome to join them if they wish.

Refreshments are served at the back of church after the service on the third Sunday of each month

Family Service

There is a Family Service on the first Sunday of each month. There is no Sunday School or Eucharist during this service. Refreshments are served at the back of the Church after the service  

Holy Communion

Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion is usually held at 8.00am on the first Sunday of the month when there is a Family Service, and at 10.00am on the third Wednesday of each month.


Morning Prayer

A little known activity that takes place at St. Michael’s at 9.00 am every Friday throughout the year is Morning Service. A Small group meet for thirty minutes of prayer and thanksgiving. The gathering is open to all Christian neighbours, whatever denomination they follow.

This morning gathering informally follows the Church of England Short Morning Service. We read together a Psalm and an appropriate passage from the New Testament, which usually turns into a brief discussion, followed by prayers. It is here that we pray for our village, the lonely and sick, known and unknown to us, and we ask for God’s intervention in world events that are in the current news.

In a busy world (when is it otherwise?) it is obvious that few can join us on a Friday at this time. Nevertheless, many of our neighbours may wish to have a prayer offered for them or situations known to them. So please join with us on a Friday morning and take a minute or two to pray, just wherever you are. “When one or two are gathered together in my name – there will I be also”. A warm welcome awaits you if you can join us, but your prayers at home or in the office support our petitions and our thanksgiving.

Informal Service

On the first Wednesday of the month we hold an Informal Service at 9.15am at either The Station Tavern or Costa Coffe next to the railway station. Do join us for a lively discussion and some thoughtful reflection. Children welcome.


We’d like to make a suggestion! The buzz in Church as people greet one another is great. And we certainly don’t want to stifle it. But... can we use those few moments before the service starts as a time for quietly focusing our hearts and minds on God and starting to “tune in” to whatever he may want to say to us. The signal for quiet is when the organ starts to play. And please, share your experiences after the service not only about how you are and what you’ve been doing, but maybe, humbly, what you think God may be saying to you. Thanks, Chris and the PCC.