Mrs Valerie Symon runs Sunday School during term time. The school runs at the same time as the 9.45am Sunday Communion Service - except the first Sunday in the month, which is the family service for all ages.
For very young children we also have a well-stocked creche where children can play while their parents attend our services.  
Val also runs the Genesis Youth Group, which is held on Tuesday from 7.30pm to 9.00 pm at St Michael's Church. Age 10 - 16 years.


This is the name of the Christian Youth Group which meets every Tuesday, usually at St
Michael’s Church. We are a very active group, as you can see from the programmes below, and like most youth groups, food is often involved! Our age range is from 10 to 15 years, and our present members come from six different schools. Although some have connections with Church many do not and we are delighted to have them as Genesis members.
Last year we went away to Chellington which is an old Church converted into a Hostel. Plans
included a sleepover in our own Church, sporting activities and of course, cooking. The cost to join is nothing, but we do collect 50p subs. each week.
If you would like to join us please come along to any of the events listed below or ring Valerie on 01908 583779
                                 Genesis Programme Spring term 2019
OK there are now lots of changes to our programme owing to the fact that I now have a friend decorating my kitchen next week, coming to my house is not an option Also it looks as if the best date for running the Family Service is the 3rd March Also I am now on the night shelter on the 9th March , so stay awake on the 8th is not a good idea , as two nights running without sleep, even for me, is not sensible.
And we hope to go to Gravity on a night you can all come.
SO please make note of the dates below , and please reply so that I know you have read it all
5th February .    Planning Family Service. At Church 7.30 pm as usual. Please come knowing if you will be available on Sunday 3rd February . If you have any suggestions for                            a theme for the service, please e mail me so I can do some planning.
12th Feb.             Half Term for some of you so no meeting
19th Feb.             Songs of Praise, a special recording at my house, 7.30 as usual (don't forget                              your slippers)
26th Feb.             Rehearsal for Family Service. Also Design the banner for Holiday club, and                                team badges etc.
5th March            Pancake Party , please invite friends and family .
12th March.        Gravity [at last ] meet at Church 7pm cost £9.95p
16th March          Stay Awake 8pm till 8am then cooking breakfast for the incoming                                                congregation , [donations towards Sanu ]
19th March.         ‘Guest Speaker’ leading into our plans for caring.
26th March.         Christ tempted, Christ Hailed, Christ Crucified.
2nd April,             Easter Cooking my house 7pm
Break up for Easter
Canal Boat Weekend – Friday 14th to 16th June
Cost £50 This includes everything [Transport, Food, Boat Hire, etc] They may need a
small amount of pocket money for the possible Ice cream stop. We leave here about
5.30pm and board the barge at Kings Langley, we return about 4pm on the Sunday,
details to follow.
So that I can plan could you please return the slip with a deposit of £20 [cheques
payable to St. Michael’s Church Woburn Sands] if your Son/Daughter wishes to join
us . Spaces are limited , so please reply ASAP.
All meetings at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated, and for trips meet at Church.
Any problems ring me on 01908583779