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GDPR Consent Forms

GDPR Consent Forms »

30 May 2018

Stay in contact - fill in a GDPR Consent Form...


Annual Church Meeting

Annual Church Meeting »

03 Apr 2018

News of Annual Church Meeting...


Parking on Church Road

Parking on Church Road »

22 Feb 2018

Message about parking at Church...


Vision Day

Vision Day »

12 Feb 2018

Summary of Vision Day...


Building Operations

Building Operations »

12 Feb 2018

News of forthcoming building work at St Michaels....



Confirmation  »

19 Jan 2018

Are you interested in Confirmation...


Return to Malawi

Return to Malawi »

02 Nov 2017

Read about Val's latest visit to Malawi...


The Food Bank

The Food Bank »

31 Aug 2017

Latest news of the Food Bank...


Donations to St Abans Ordinands Training Fund

Donations to St Abans Ordinands Training Fund »

24 Aug 2017

Thank you letter from St Albans...


Community Room for St Michael's

Community Room for St Michael's »

12 Jan 2017

Important news about proposal for Community Room at St. Michael's...


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