Alison Bonnard

Bishop Alan of St. Albans has recently compiled a book, “Saints and Pilgrims in the Diocese”, comprising people who shaped events in the diocese through history. There is one person’s brief biography for each day of the year. It is with particular delight that we find that the late Alison Bonnard has been chosen to represent the Parish of St. Michael’s.

Alison, who died in 2011 at the age of 95 was a faithful member of St. Michael’s for nearly fifty years. Daughter of a vicar, she was raised in the Anglican church and was a strong and knowledgeable advocate of it’s traditions. She had been involved in almost every aspect of parish life and had the ability to relate to young and old. Her natural gifts of compassion and understanding were an encouragement to so many over the years and she gave prayerful support to many who never knew her. Always willing to give a hand and practical help and support, Alison is still sadly missed but her Christian principles ensure that she “lives on”.

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