St Michael’s Baptism Policy:

Child Baptism

St Michael’s is delighted when parents come seeking baptism for their child. What can be a better start in life than offering your child to God? So please feel welcome to contact us! 

The best thing to do is come to one of our Sunday services. Baptisms normally take place on Sunday mornings. Being baptised isn’t just a “rite of passage”. Baptism calls for a commitment from family, godparents and the congregation who will pray faithfully for you all. We take our responsibilities seriously. A lifetime commitment to Jesus Christ and his Church is being asked of the person to be baptized, the parents, godparents, family and friends - and indeed the whole family of the Church.

If you have a connection with St Michael’s but live elsewhere, then you should seek the consent of your local Vicar, as a matter of courtesy and respect.

Likewise, if you live here but wish to have your child baptised in a parish elsewhere, we are happy to help in any way possible. You are always extremely welcome at St Michael’s and we will be delighted if you bring your child after baptism to meet us all, so that we can include you all in our prayers and welcome you into the wider family of the Church.

Our baptisms are great fun – but extremely serious! It is a big commitment. By bringing your child to baptism, you are making the statement that you wish him or her to follow the way of Jesus Christ in seeking to build a good and peaceful world. It’s a commitment you are making on your child’s behalf – but the promises include you, too!

Adult baptism

The Baptism of a small child becomes “complete” at Confirmation, when he or she is old enough to make a personal commitment to follow Jesus Christ – endorsing the original baptismal promises made by parents and godparents.

When an adult is baptized, it is with understanding and personal commitment – and ideally should take place at the same time as being confirmed. But this isn’t always possible. So we expect adult candidates to prepare for confirmation as soon as possible.


We hold confirmation classes for adults and young people over a period of several weeks – usually 8 to 10 weeks – during which we explore together the main themes of the Christian Faith and how our faith impacts on our lives. We encourage serious questioning and lots of discussion and debate. A real faith is one which grows, develops and deepens over the years. In confirmation, we confirm what we believe and are prepared to commit our lives to – the greatest challenge ever to face us.. but the most important and worthwhile commitment we can ever make.