This lovely old church was built in 1868 and is therefore 150 years old this year. We had a number of events taking place to celebrate the churches birthday.
With regard to the building our objective is always to keep it safe, dry, and warm, and to that extent we have had to carry out a number of ongoing repairs for our own benefit and also to satisfy the five year inspection which was carried out by the Architect in September.
The Architect suggested we double the opening of the escape windows from the school room upstairs and you will see Lincolnshire Glass Company carrying out these changes in the coming months.
We have kept quiet about our metal roofs because we don’t want the lead stolen. However, ongoing repairs to the lead have been needed on the roofs and gully’s. In September we were informed by our insurance company that they would only make a reduced contribution to replacing the lead on the roof in case of theft, unless an alarm system was fitted where they would make up to a full contribution. We had a survey done by a recommended alarm company and applied for and were awarded with two small grants towards the cost of an alarm system. The alarm will be fitted on Monday and Tuesday this week and should cause very little disruption to church activities.
During 2016/2017 we have sustained damage to the plaster on the south wall due to a blocked gully drain, as a result the gullies and drains are inspected and cleaned out twice yearly. We wanted to get the plaster repaired on the south wall but after due consideration and since it is the churches 150th birthday, the PCC agreed to repair the plaster and at the same time repaint the entire nave and Lady Chapel. This work took place in May and June and we have an even more beautiful church in the community.
Our very grateful thanks go to The Friends of St Michaels for funding these repairs and replacements. We are a very lucky church to have The Friends as a separate charity. If you are interested to know more about the Friends please have a word with Graham Youngman or Stephen Hibbert.
Thank you.
Keith Price and Geoff Cooper – Church Wardens.