Health & Safety Policy Document
We’re obliged by law to complete a document which explains our Health & Safety Policy and the arrangements which are in place at St. Michael’s. While a few arrangements still remain outstanding, most have been made and a copy of the document has been put in the ‘Vision Groups’ folder at theback of the Church

Health & Safety Risk Assessments
These have now been done for ‘Fire Safety’; ‘General Health & Safety’; ‘Environmental Health’ and ‘Disability Discrimination Act 1995’. Many actions have already been taken and will be ongoing. Copies of these Risk Assessments have also been put in the ‘Vision Groups’ folder at the back o the Church.
The Risk Assessment for ‘Control of Substances Hazardous the Health’ (COSHH) will be done in the near futur

Working Alone/Working With Potentially Dangerous Equipment/Using Ladders
Anyone who works in circumstances such as those above (even though it may only be occasionally), or has any other Health & Safety concerns, should ask the Church Wardens for advice.

 Report Book

It’s not always possible for the Church Wardens and the Building and Facilities Group to be aware of everything that needs attention. This includes general matters as well as Health & Safety. It would be helpful, therefore, if you could draw this to our attention by writing anything you believe needs doing in the black ‘Building & Facilities Report Book’, which is on the table at the back of the Church. We’ll also give you feedback on the action taken.