The April 2020 Edition of Christian News

I am writing to explain why you may not have received your copy of Christian News for this month, and to apologise for the delay.
Normally, the Print Cellar prints our magazine in their office in the Methodist Church, and our distribution teams use the various church premises for people to collect their copy or as a base for other distributors to deliver. Sadly, all our churches are closed, and while some church teams have been able to distribute Christian News in the usual way, others reluctantly concluded they weren’t able to do this.
Jack Hardy, the mainstay of the Print Cellar, found a print company which could produce our April edition in full colour, albeit with a thinner cover than usual. We did a reduced print run of 400 copies rather than 600, and these have now mostly been delivered through our usual volunteers, to whom we are very grateful.
And now, to the second part of our strategic plan! Jack in the Print Cellar has turned the carefully-designed magazine into an online version which can be read by opening this address link:
This exercise has cost us considerably more than our usual print run, and has only been possible through many volunteers, and not least Jack Hardy in the Print Cellar who managed, with the help of his colleagues, to turn the Print Cellar almost overnight into a home-based operation. Many thanks to them all.
We must learn from such suddenly-imposed changes. We always appreciate your feedback, but this time it is particularly important for us to receive your responses – either to or by post to the Christian News Office at the Methodist Church, Chapel Street, Woburn Sands, MK17 8RH.
Thank you. I hope you enjoy your read!
Best wishes for a Happy Easter
Judy Barker