We list in Pew News the names of people we especially need to remember in our prayers – their names are put on the Prayer Board by the entrance to the church and then copied into Pew News. These names are often read out during the time of intercession in our 9.45 am services. This is much valued and appreciated and reminds us both of the importance of praying for one another and of the fact that God hears and answers our petitions. The list is getting quite long now! So what I suggest is this:

  • Let us all remember them – and also those we each know and want to pray for – while we go up to the altar for communion or after we get back to our pews – rather than reading out the names, some of whom we may not know, during the intercessions;
  • Let us also remember them especially each month at our 10.00 am Holy Communion service on the third Wednesday;
  • Let us pray for them during the week in our own times of quiet and prayer.

Do, please, continue to put on the Prayer Board the names of those you’d like to be remembered in prayer. It would be helpful to write at the bottom, the date you put the card on the Board.


Maybe we should remove each name from the Prayer Board after, say, 2 months. If you would like us to continue to remember someone, simply renew the date or write their name on a new card.