Getting Help from Food Bank Xtra

In response to current times an extension of the Food Bank has been set up for local people from Woburn Sands and surrounding villages providing home deliveries to those families in need of emergency support.

Anyone needing help should call 01908 565852 between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday where they can discuss their situation in confidence with experienced staff who can allocate emergency food vouchers for home delivery.

Donating to the Food Bank.

Donations from our community continue to be extremely important. The Food Bank needs:

* Long life cartons: milk – whole or semi-skimmed, fruit juice

* Tinned: spaghetti, custard, rice pudding, fruit, vegetables, baked beans, pulses, meat, fish, tomatoes, soup

* Jars: spread (jam, peanut butter, marmite etc.) and pasta sauce

* Packets: soup, noodles, dried pasta, pulses and rice (500g or smaller), biscuits

* Breakfast cereal or porridge oats (500g packets or smaller).

* Tea bags

Food Bank is also accepting donations of nappies, sanitary towels, baby formula, toilet rolls and soap. However, the Food Bank cannot accept anything fresh, so please do not donate these items. Please also check that items are in date.

Donations can be made at the following locations:

1. as part of your regular visit to your local or main supermarket.

2. The Old Fire Station, Station Road, Woburn Sands between 11am and 12 noon on Tuesdays and Fridays only. Please do not leave food here at other times.

3. St Michael's Church, Church Road, Aspley Heath between 9am and 5pm.