I am very grateful for the committed support of members of St Michael’s and your generous giving in so many ways. I am also aware that many are on limited budgets and have many claims on their finances.
 As you may know, our accounts for 2018 showed that we spent around £11,000 more than we received during the year. As we had a healthy reserve, we are not yet “in the red”, but we cannot sustain this for long. In addition to this, our Parish Share for 2019 has gone up by a further £2,500 to nearly £59,000.
Early in 2019 I spoke one Sunday morning about our financial position, and some church members have increased their giving in response to my appeal. However, the increase so far has only made up for the loss of some significant regular givers in the last year. So, I’m asking if we can all seriously review our financial contribution to St Michael’s in 2019.