Following a break whilst Dad (Ralph) replenishes supplies, we can now offer more plants to sell:
Vegetables: Climbing French Beans £3.00 tray, Dwarf French Beans £3.00 tray, Lettuce £3.00 tray, Marrow, Cucumber, Courgettes, all at £1.00 per pot, Onion £3.00 tray, Leeks £3.00 tray, Runner beans £3.00 per tray, Autumn cauliflower, Cabbage, Winter cabbage, at £3.00 per tray, *Tomatoes at 50p each (*see Ralph with regard to setting these plants).
Herbs, Parsley £1.00, Sage £1.00 Rosemary £1.00 Mint to grow on £1.00
It’s a great time to set some lovely flowers to admire in your garden. All are bee and butterfly friendly!: Marigolds Strawberry Blonde £5.00 per tray, Buddleia at £2.00 each
Blue Bedder very attractive to bees, French Marigolds & Busy Lizzie all ready soon
You can buy in 2 ways: Dad’s stall outside house @ 8 Wood Street, Woburn Sands. Payment envelopes can be posted through letterbox OR email me your order and I will deliver to your doorstep. Need gardening advice? Call Ralph on 01908 976055. All funds raised are for St Michael’s.
Lynne Proctor