This year, every parish has to prepare a new electoral roll. Even if you are on the old roll, you
need to complete a form in order to be on the new roll. The form includes an explanation of who is eligible. Please take a form from the back of church, or from Simon Young, and hand
it back to him when you have completed it. Then you will be able to vote at our Annual Meeting on Sunday 7 April!
The Diocese have also provided a separate form asking each applicant to state their ethnic
group. This form does not show your name, and it will be kept separate in order to preserve
anonymity. The ethnicity data is for statistical analysis only. However, you can choose “Prefer not to say” if you wish. If you have any queries, please ask Simon Young, who is now our Electoral Roll Officer.
Application forms must be returned by 17 March at the latest, but please do them as soon as
convenient, to make sure you are included on the new roll.

Published 18 Jan 19