Dear St Michael's congregation,
In these strange times when we can't meet up face to face or gather in church together I'm hoping that we can find other ways to be in touch with one another, support one another and pray for one another. I know that many of you are doing this with those you are already in touch with, but I'm especially concerned for people who may not be so included in our circles.
Ruby and I are proposing two ways that we can stay more in touch.
1. Ruby is setting up a Church Whatsapp group.
To be part of a Whatsapp group you need to have a smartphone mobile phone and internet connection.
Please note that if you join a Whatsapp group your mobile phone number will be revealed to all of the members of that group.
If you decide to join you will receive an invitation from Ruby which will show her mobile phone number, which is 07445 059422. No one else will be able to invite you to join the Church group.
If you would like to join the Church Whatsapp group, please contact RUBY - either by phone, email or mobile to let her know that you give your permission for this. She will then add you to the group.
2. I (Diana) am setting up Pastoral Groups for the Church
Groups will be set up to do the following:
1 Ensure every member of St Michael’s is in touch with a smaller group of church  members
2 Encourage fellowship and social interaction by phone or email
3 Share spiritual, church and other news
4 Communicate prayer needs
5 Give mutual support, encouragement, advice and practical help where this is safe and possible
Members of each pastoral group will be given one another’s contact details and encouraged to be in touch with one another. Each member will receive a phone call at least once a week from the group leader.
Conversations between group members are confidential unless specific permission has been given for news to be passed on to others. The only exception to this is where safeguarding issues are involved.
I plan to set up these groups on the basis of existing groupings, but there will also need to be some new groups. These will probably be geographically based. The Tuesday Fellowship and Thursday study groups have already begun to function in this way.
So that we can comply with GDPR please email or phone me (DIANA) to let me know if you would like to be included in one of the groups.
Finally - Sofa News
I hope this will become more of a means of communication too. It would be really good if we could include more prayer requests/prayer updates on Sofa News. Anything you feel able to share in this way can be passed to Robin or to me by Friday.
Also do let us have any items for the 'Weird and Wonderful' section too!
With my prayers for you all,